Video Niche Explosion is the Ultimate Collection of PowerPoint Animated Slides, Video Templates and High Quality Video Assets that you can use to Create Video that will Blow Your Audience Away!

A Brief Features

  • A Super Good Product

    Our team spent countless hour in developing this product from scratch, Video Niche Explosion is a unique product that stand up from the crowd, all the PowerPoint slides are spiced with energetic animations that will impress your viewers and you will also find other video assets in the package such as the rich details ultra HD motion backgrounds, sketch icons and more! We have put in tremendous amount of energy into crafting this product to perfection and you are guaranteed with a high quality product that will put you along with good company.

  • The Ultimate PowerPoint Animated Slides Collection.

    The New Video Niche Explosion is packaged with brand new eye catching animated slides, video templates in high demand online and offline niches plus impressive collection of quality different video assets. In the new Video Niche Explosion, you will find assets that you couldn’t find elsewhere making Video Niche Explosion a truly unique product.

  • A Complete Toolkit for Video Creation

    Don’t have access to dedicated video creation software? Video Niche Explosion allows you to create videos using the readymade slides and templates using just PowerPoint. PowerPoint is very versatile software and even if you have dedicated video creation software you can use still use these slides with PowerPoint in conjunction with your video software to create cool looking videos.

What You Get with Video Niche Explosion?

Video Niche Explosion is packed with stunning PowerPoint animated slides and video templates in high demand niches that you can use to deploy stunning videos that will blow your audience away! It is also packaged with myriad of video assets that you can use in other video creation software such as Ultra HD Motion Backgrounds, Sketch Icons and more. Have a cruise through below to see the awesome contents you will get with Video Niche Explosion.

Varieties High Demand Niche Slides Sets

These visually stunning niche slides are designed to bring your creativity level to the next level. Each set comes with many different slides that you can use them for mix and match to create new different video variant easily. In total you will receive 12 different niche slides set in different high demand niches.

Real Estate Animated Slides Set

Photographer Animated Slides Set

Professional Service Animated Slides Set

Restaurant Animated Slides Set

Health Related Animated Slides Set

Attorney Related Animated Slides Set

Cleaners Related Animated Slides Set

Auto Market Related Animated Slides Set

Finance Related Animated Slides Set

Home Service Related Animated Slides Set

Travel Related Animated Slides Set

Pet Related Animated Slides Set

5 General Promotion PowerPoint Video Templates

These general promotion PowerPoint video templates can be used to promote almost anything. They are designed with energetic and eye catching animations with general script plus story line that can be easily implemented into any video theme.

General Promotion Video Template 1

General Promotion Video Template 2

General Promotion Video Template 3

General Promotion Video Template 4

General Promotion Video Template 5

5 Review Video Templates

These review themed PowerPoint video templates will come in handy when you need to create review type video. They are designed with proper product review script and flashy animations that will make your audience take action. Everything in these video templates are all ready to go and you can have an attentive and eye catching review video up in just minutes with these templates!

Review Video Template 1

Review Video Template 2

Review Video Template 3

Review Video Template 4

Review Video Template 5

Random Animated Slides Set

Set of random animated slides in different themes and styles. With these random animated slides, you will find something handy for any purpose regardless of your video theme!

Preview the Random Animated Slides Set Below

New 360 Sketch Icons

Collection of more than 360 sketchy icons that you can use to add spices to your video or rich media projects. Comes with SVG, PNG, AI and EPS format, all the icons are compatible with most of the video creation software on the market like Explaindio, PowerPoint and many more.

Music Collection With Resell Rights License

You will also receive a collection of 60 full length music with resell rights license. Use these music in your rich media or video project or resell them to your customers and earn 100% of the profits.

Preview the Music Below

50 Ultra HD Motion Backgrounds

Get access to 50 Ultra HD Motion Backgrounds format in rich 4K High Definition resolution. Prepare for the future because these are not your ordinary HD you see daily, these are “Ultra HD” the next few levels up from the typical HD we used to seeing today. You will find a total of 50 Ultra HD Motion Backgrounds that cover different styles and themes in this collection, these motion backgrounds are not released before in our previous products.

If you can't handle Ultra HD or don't need Ultra HD yet, the normal 1080p HD version of the videos are also included with the package.

Experience the Ultra HD Motion Backgrounds Below

* You will need a monitor, laptop or devices with screen that support Ultra HD resolution to be able to view these clips in their true native 4K resolution. Most laptop or monitor doesn't support 4K resolution yet, so if you don't see any difference then your screen probably doesn't support 4K resolution.

* These clips are hosted at YouTube and you will need to choose 4K resolution option from the quality tab to view them in 4K Ultra HD resolution.

* Only 3 of the Ultra HD Motion Backgrounds are included for preview below. You will receive 50 Ultra HD Motion Backgrounds in the package.

Preview the rest of the Motion Backgrounds Below

* For web preview purpose, all the following videos in the preview has been reduced to maximum of 1080p HD. Ultra HD resolution videos are provided in the original package.

* All the videos in the preview has been reduced to 3 seconds length.

Sum Up of what you get with Video Niche Explosion!

  • Collection of new eye catching animated slides plus video templates in high demand online and offline niches.
  • 5 PowerPoint General Promotion Video Templates.
  • 5 PowerPoint Review Video Templates.
  • 12 PowerPoint Niche Slides Set in different niches.
  • Random PowerPoint Animated Slides Set.
  • 360+ Sketch Icons in SVG, PNG and AI format.
  • 50 New Ultra HD Motion Backgrounds in 4K Resolution. (Included with standard 1080p HD version)
  • 60 Full length Music with Resell right.

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Video Niche Explosion

Important Q&A

What license will I receive with the Video Niche Explosion?

You will receive personal use license that you can use for your own project including personal or commercial nature.

Are there any upsell(s) or OTO(s)?

Yes, the first upsell is for more additional PowerPoint animated slides and video templates plus developer license. The second upsell is the exclusive PLR license to our previous My Video Pal series and the final upsell is our previous product Jumbo Video Blowout bundle offer.

This is NOT a software!

This  is very important! Video Niche Explosion is NOT a software, it is a collection of animated slides, video templates for PowerPoint and sketch icons, motion backgrounds etc for use with PowerPoint and other video creation software. These PowerPoint slides will not work with other software apart from PowerPoint. You will need PowerPoint 2010 and above to use these animated slides and video templates.


The PowerPoint animated slides and templates can be open with PowerPoint 2010 (Windows) or PowerPoint 2011 for MAC and above. They will not work with any other software. You may import the slides to Keynote but the animations won't be retained.

The sketch icons is included with SVG, PNG and AI format. You can use the SVG version in your sketch video creation software like Explaindio, Eash Sketch Pro and etc.

The Ultra HD motion backgrounds are in MP4 format and is included with 4K resolution version and normal 1080p HD version. They are compatible with most video software as long they support .MP4 format.

The music tracks are all in your standard MP3 format so will work fine in almost all platforms or rich media software.


Where can I get help?

If you have any question about our offer or need support, please open a support ticket through our online helpdesk.